Talking about the scenes of realms means that the areas have borders. A glass of water is for example. When looking at the water inside the glass, an ordinary person assumes that it’s a beverage; a chemist assumes that it’s a compound of oxygen and hydrogen, a physicist assumes that it is a liquid state formed due to the vibrations of molecules. For a philosopher, water illustrates the cause and effect relationship; for a Supremely Enlightened One, it’s the appearance of The Absolute-Truth…

It should be noted without ambiguity that being a beverage does not prevent water from being a chemical combination of hydrogen and oxygen, water is the result of complex molecular vibrations, an expression of cause and effect relationships, or the phenomenon of The Absolute-Truth.

In the “realms of liquid” aspect, water is a means of extinguishing fire. In another aspect, in the “realms of chemicals” aspect, hydrogen as fuel can be extracted to be burned to produce fire. Despite of being the same things, each thing’s meaning and value are completely different and sometimes contrary depending on the concept of reference frame or the angle of vision.

Thus, a glass of water includes many realms; each one has its own scene. These “scenes of realms” appear simultaneously and community-existence which is called Concurrent aggregate origination” in the space-time relationship.

Each scene has the activities and uses in its own realms, correlates and communicates harmoniously with other realms at the same time. Single-form and complex-form includes and accept each other without any obstruction or mutual destruction, which is called Unhindered simultaneity”

Now, in the moment we think about water as refreshments, we cannot simultaneously think about water as H2O chemicals, or as a result of the molecular vibration, etc. We can only see one realm each time, and we have to move from one realm to another in the right order to be able to change the realms we see. That’s the way ordinary people see things, completely contrary to the Concurrent aggregate origination” principle of Avatamsaka Sutra.

Only the oneness-omniscience, i.e. the Prajna wisdom of the Buddha can see the whole scenes of the realms of things at the same time, it means they are “eternally simultaneous appearance in everywhere and implicated combination”, “mutual gathering penetration” and everything simultaneously appears and initiates in an extremely vast endless whole. In other words, without realizing the Unhindered theory, we are unable to understand the basic view of spirituality, “the view that directly aims at the world and spirituality”.

In Avatamsaka Sutra, that vision is called “Complete Combination” principle. Complete combination is to see the entire form of individual forms combining to become the whole composition; “Unhindered” implies the correlative connection between the individual forms inside the scenes of realms seen from the perspective of “Complete Combination”. In terms of ontology, the principle of “simultaneous-initiation” is seen as the foundation of Avatamsaka Sutra philosophy, because without realizing and experiencing the unhindered theory, it is impossible to see the system of comprehensive relations, at the same time, existence between individual realities, and between the individual and the dissemination, between separate things and the overall ideas. Nothingness is the main axis of unhindered and the unhindered is the main axis of the Complete Combination.

Thus, Dharmadhàtu, active forms of nothingness and movable expression of The Absolute-Truth can be briefly described as “Complete Combination” and Unhindered.  “Complete combination” implies all virtues of The Absolute-Truth Citta, such as Great Wisdom, Great Compassion, Great Virtue, Great Vow, Great Power, No Purpose, No Expectation, and Skillful Methods arising from the great wisdom. “Unhindered” implies freedom from all the chains of attachment and hindrance. In terms of ontology, Complete Combination is cause, unhindered is effect. But for the Yogi, unhindered is cause, complete combination is effect, which means we must leave Abhinivesa and end the Karmàvarana to become Buddha.


Reference: Luận Giải Trung Luận Tánh Khởi và Duyên Khởi
Author: Hồng Dương Nguyễn Văn Hai

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Translator : Nhat Binh