Our “Esoteric Dharma VajraPani Lineage” with Sentient-Insentient beings, Triyàna Threefold-world;
Piously takes refuge with MahàVairocana-Buddha,
whose eyes are as pure as green lotus,
The three realms’ taming and controlling masters,
Maha Bodhicitta saves unreal world,
Mantra Dharma miraculously determinates,
flows into the Not-born “A doctrine,
Formless White-Curl between Sakyamuni’s eyes are truly omniscient,
always illuminates completely like sun and moon,
Five Saviors:  Akṣobhya Buddha, Ratnasaṃbhava Buddha,
Amitābha Buddha, Amoghasiddhi Buddha,
giving away the Cakra of auspicious is the great Siddharta,
merciful eyes deliberately descend on  three periods,
Vajra Sattva immovable Vidyàràja,
not against samaya corresponding with the time-period,
after finishing yoga work returns to Vajra position.
We piously take refuge with Mahàvairocana Buddha.

For the sake of great cause, the website comes out to appear from places in Original enlightenment ability; Disposable pure and lean Indestructible Vajra, Non-discriminating, unreality discriminating. Continuing to Bodhi-work places in original vows of the “Three generations of the Buddhas of the Ten Directions ”; which are spreading out the Equal Dharma Lights, and awakening the mass. Places in the mass that latent the Indestructible True Nature, not yet enlightened. Via the website’s information, our VajraPani Group – “Sun” Generation expounds the “Ekayàna Indestructible Vajra” dharma, expound the “Esoteric Mandala” dharma, the “Equal Three Mystic Things dharma and the “Body is to become Buddha” dharma.

We hope that the wise Monks and Awakeners create sources and help pratyaya  so that we can complete the Buddha-work and accomplish the Greatly Compassionate Acts and Vows of the “Three generations of the Buddhas of the Ten Directions ”

Esoteric Dharma VajraPani Lineage
VajraPani Group – Sun Generation
Thai Binh’s translation