Because of his vow to enlighten the living being to apprehend the true nature, Lokajyestha had expounded Yathàbhùta Dharma for fourty nine years and divided it into two stages. First – preaching the world-law. Second – preaching the supreme truth.

01 – The world-law. Lokajyestha used local language and literature to convert and change internal perception of sentient Tribhàva, covering all at-home Buddhists or Monks, realms of desire, material or immaterial world, coming closer to The Four Noble Truths and The twelve Nidànas. But all those things are created from the conditions of Four Elements; hence, all of them have no individual nature, which is, the nature void.

02 – The Supreme truth. Based on the true meaning, opposite to the misperceptions of the world-law, it presents the true ego and true dharma. Because all Dharma such as the Four  Elements, the Five Skandhas, the Six Organs, and Six External Senses divided  into six consciounesses, are just the reflection of Alaya-vijnàna – consciouness 08, which means Tathàgata-garbha. For example, sea, waves, bubbles and water, are all formed from wind which pushes waves, waves push one another to form bubbles. Actually, all of them are water. Likewise, The active Dharma as well as inactive Dharma is conditionally born and destroyed; The real nature is a void, so it is not born and destroyed.

In order to be convinient for motive power of sentient being, blessing and giving joy around the  sentient world, a lot of honourable and advanced Monks have relied on Yathàbhùta Dharmas, which had been expounded by Lokajyestha, and it integrated into three Collections of the Buddhist Canon, divided into two systems:

1_Exoteric Buddhism includes: Sùtra – Vinaya – Abhidharma sàstra;

2_Esoteric Buddhism includes: Vairocana sùtra – Vajra-prajna-paramita sùtra – Original Maha sùtra

According to those Sùtras, we liberate consciouness wrongly bound to the typical principles and the parts of habits away from the real nature and reverse it to Inherent Intelligence. We put ourselves into our position, to have the right concept about Alaya-vijnàna, which is Citta, and a deeper concept of Original Bodhi…

Esoteric Dharma VajraPani Lineage
VajraPani Group – “Sun” Generation
Nhật Loan’s translation



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III.-ĐẠI HẠNH CỦA CÁC VỊ ĐẠI-THỪA BỒ-TÁT. Như trên đã nói, đại nguyện của hàng Đại-thừa Bồ-tát lớn lao vô […]


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