Artha Dharmadhàtu (Phenomena Dharmadhàtu), Siddhànta Dharmadhàtu, and Artha Siddhànta Unhindered Dharmadhàtu are just the preaching means to Artha Artha Unhindered Dharmadhàtu. As a matter of fact, in Artha Siddhànta Unhindered Dharmadhàtu of Buddhism, gathering back and converging all Artha Artha into Siddhànta not only creates an identical group without differences but also makes a fully complete harmonious, active and unhindered world, combining or synchronizing all divergent or opposite existences. Actually, gathering back and converging Artha into Siddhànta is an evidence for reasoning to awaken sentient beings and satvas in a way that is easy to understand, Artha Artha Unhindered Dharmadhàtu itself exists without any customary  reasoning or relative, interactive identity. The only existing Dharmadhàtu is Artha Artha Unhindered Dharmadhàtu.

In that world each individual object is identical with all the other individual objects and all of the limits and boundaries among them are rejected. They are mutually correlative and fully communicate in the limitless and unhindered correlations. The mutual correlation and communication of existences in Artha Artha Unhindered Dharmadhàtu cannot be comprehended or achieved by inferring from deduction or imagination. That is the internal realization in own Citta without the need to use symbols or intelligence. Because of clinging to the  seeing that everything has its self nature, all inferences and talking are in the interactive pairs Yes-No, Right-Wrong, Good-Bad. Must change the position of seeing everything into from the Nature of Nothingness and Sarvajna (Buddha-wisdom) in order to achieve the Complete Combinative View. Only the Complete Combinative View Avatamsaka fully escapes every conception frame of the self nature to see clearly that everything is mutually penetrated and mutually identical, equal non-dual, simultaneously arises and terminates.

In the holographic universe, The Mutual Penetration And Mutual Identity Principle is represented as the interference of electromagnetic waves, sound waves, negative electron waves, positive electron waves, etc., which is the same as the conception “Dharmadhàtu is a world of light not carrying any form-shadow. The fundamental nature of light is mutual communication without obstructing or annihilating one another. Each unique light reflects in itself all of the other light, both as a whole and individually.” (Essays in Zen Buddhism. D.T.Suzuki, Third Series, annotated translation by Tue Sy).

By referring to the image-form events and the structures of the whole things implicated in each area of the hologram through light interference model, we can infer that the order of moving light covers all kinds of order and causes and conditions which make up the whole structure of the lightened object. For example, when looking at the sky at night, we can realize that the images of the structures stretched all over the vast spaces are transferred to our eyes over the periods of tens of billions of years. But all of them are implicated and just enough to enter our tiny pupil!

Physicist David Bohm called it the Implicate Order and distinguished this kind of order from the Explicate Order. In Physics, the Explicate Order, like counting up the arising phenomena, means that an individual thing occupies its own distinct area of time and space and stays outside the areas occupied by others. That is the classical view through lenses which focuses on the analysis dividing things into separate parts. In contrast, the Implicate Order, like counting down, stays in the transmitting movement of waves. Waves are transmitted everywhere and theoretically, that transmission implicates all time and space of the galaxy into each area. The noun wave herein indicates the type of wave following the quantum mechanics laws. This means there is interruption without cause-effect correlation and impartially, that is, simultaneous immediate occurrence. All implicating and explicating movements of waves cannot be in our knowledge and observation levels, which means incapable of thinking or commenting and unpreachable. Bohm called that whole wave movement as holomovement, also known as the holographic universe. Bohm’s holographic universe can be regarded similar to Artha Artha Unhindered Dharmadhàtu of Avatamsaka.


Reference: Luận giải Trung Luận Tánh Khởi và Duyên Khởi       Author: Hồng Dương Nguyễn Văn Hai

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