No Ego is the Great Compassion.

Sentient beings sink in the sea of births and deaths eternally in their own Citta, because of the Ego (Atma-gràha). Holding to the concept of the ego generates the Craving; Craving continues to generate Grasping and then the Possession, which will lead to Desire, Anger and Ignorance.

With the illumination from Buddha insight, it’s clear to show that the Ego is made by unreal causes and conditions of composition from four Elements; this is true to all myriad Dharmas; repeatedly in the Nature of Dharma Dhatu equality dependent origination, therefore, there are no Desire, Anger and Ignorance from the repeat in the equal nature of the Dharmadhatu, since there is neither active-ideas nor passive-ideas.

When ending the Atma-gràha, the Great Compassion Citta reveals without limits, that’s why No Ego is the Great Compassion.

 The physicist, David Bohm, who is Einstein’s colleague and a friend of Krishnamurti’s, likened the Ego to Atoms. In fact, Bohm considered atoms as “The Thinker”. It should be known that the atom is not an entity. It is a name of a character appearance when the certain conditions are met. The adhesion of particles of negative, positive and neutral electronic together to form an atom needs very big binding energy. “The Thinker” is like atoms that are trying to use the binding energy to combine particles.

This energy resource generated, conserved “The Thinker”, i.e. atoms, and maintained the illusion in “the thinker” that it is a sustainable reality, minimalism, and separate independence. The use of such binding energy is controlled and limited in keeping an illusion and hosting unreal knowledge. It nourishes the collection of objectionable conditions, which is made of ignorance habits and traditions. The thoughts of “The Thinker” is compared to vision restricted and confined by physical materials in a frame of three-dimensional mind.

When the atoms are smashed and scattered in an atomic accelerator, countless binding energies constrained for a long time are released. Also, by “developing Bodhi Citta as vastly as Àkàsa-dhàtu, developing the unhindered Citta, leaving behind all of the worlds, and no longer holding to things as realities, unobstructed citta goes in the unobstructed dharmas, unobstructed citta go to ten of directions, pure citta can enter the world of the oneness-omniscience”; “The Thinker” is terminated, Ego (Atma-gràha) is completely broken. The released energy is the force of Great Compassion, The unhindered complete combination, that has infinite dimensionality, is the basic cause of appearance in the enlightenment of Buddhas. That is the photovoltaic capability that reveals The Wisdom of Tathàgata, immeasurable unhindered, can benefit all sentient beings, is adequate within sentient beings. Just because common people have erroneous thinking and hold onto things, they are unaware and gain no benefits.

Bohm and Krishnamurti called atomic crushing experiments “awakening”. The process of shattering Ego (Atma-gràha) made consciousness feel the photovoltaic energy released and realize the Nature of the universe (Dhamma-Dhātu) is the ocean of Compassion, boundless vast sea full of boundless energy of love. According to Avatamsaka terminology, Equality Mind in all beings’ bodies and in all Drhamas is called the seed of mutual integration, and the mutual identity nature of Dhamma-Dhātu.

Reference: Luận Giải Trung Luận Tánh Khởi và Duyên Khởi
Author: Hồng Dương Nguyễn Văn Hai

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Translator: Nhat Binh