Buddhism is based on direct observations obtained through internal direct experiments directly facing life and is not at all bound by any rigid dogma. Buddhism is willing to receive any perspective on reality which is considered to be true, with the main targets to fill the gap of subtle analysis-classification and the two extremes.

Buddha always warned the Bhiksu, Buddhist Monks, “With the threats of blind belief” _ He said _”verify the value of My preaching like when you verify the purity level of gold. Brush all the dust off it, hit it with a hammer, melt it. Do not accept My words just because of your respect for Me. Accept them when you see that they are true.”

Learning the religion by collecting and accumulating simple knowledge is not enough. Buddha’s preaching is mainly about reality. He said our main purpose in this life is to modify and improve ourselves rather than to care about the origin of the universe-things or the nature of matter, since all of them are just illusive causes and conditions (Màyà Hetupratyaya), combined conditions, they do not have a true origin. Referring to the time before 1/1 billion second (big bang) clearly proves No Self-Nature (Asvabhàva) – No-Birth (Anutpanna). Therefore, when anyone asked Buddha about the origin of the universe-things, or asked Him issues not related to the progress of a peaceful mind in virtue-morals and deliverance-enlightenment, Buddha just kept silent.

Buddhism is mainly the way to deliverance and enlightenment; establishing the absolute order among different forms of knowledge, especially among what supports our purpose and what has minimal passions and desires however beneficial they are.

 “Enlightenment?” that is the highest state of knowledge, which is beyond Manovijnàna _ the Sixth consciousness. It is connected with Compassion and Loving Kindness which are boundless. In this case, knowledge does not mean only the accumulation of data, or the description of the phenomenal world reduced to the finest details, also known as subtle analysis-classification.

 “Enlightenment” means understanding both the relative way of existence (the way in which things appear to us) and the absolute way of existence (the true characteristic of these looks themselves is No Nature_the Nature of Nothingness_Sùnya). This includes our spirit as well as the outside world. Such knowledge is the basic antidote to ignorance and unenlightenment to liberate us from Samsàra.

However, our ignorance and unenlightenment do not mean a lack of understanding due to information. In fact, we see that the mistaken view of reality causing us to think that the things seen and known around us are timeless and solidly exist, and then the “Self”, also called our Ego, is true, makes us mistake the short-lived, unrealistic pleasure, or solace, or grief and happiness for something that lasts forever. Such ignorance and unenlightenment also make us build our happiness on the basis of others’ agony, and others are also as blind as us, rotating in the law of the cause and effect.

And others and we are involved in and bound to the satisfaction of our Self, our Ego. Then conflicts with anything that is opposing or harmful to it. Consequently, we become more and more misled and thus behave totally selfishly. Ignorance and unenlightenment continue to exist safely on their own in our internal mind, until the appearance of the form of knowledge of Buddhism Enlightenment, which is the ultimate antidote to suffering; Solving and releasing all bounds. Releasing all acts creating karmas caused by ignorance and unenlightenment, so that forever there is no circle of births and deaths Samsàra in three evil ways and six directions of reincarnation.

Based on the True Nothingness and elaborated:
VajraPani Group – “Sun” Generation
Esoteric Dharma VajraPani Lineage
Translator : Bao Tran