BUDDHISM: Is the absolute Truth. True Theory_True Wisdom is beyond the discrimination, holding and clinging of the faculty of Consciousness.

Originating from: affection that is Non-Ego, Unconditional Loving-Kindness, No Limit. From the Citta of Buddha deliberately corresponds and shows innumerable Doctrines, innumerable Educative Theories, Dogmas, Teaching and Upbringing, Skillful Means: Unlimitedly completely save the Three Realms at their request: to quickly appear Illuminative Bodhicitta, Greatly Realize Buddhas’ Examining and Seeing; to spread Buddhas’ Great Compassion, Acts and Vows; to fully understand the deep, esoteric Causes and Conditions that sentient beings have not become enlightened about. Take refuge in Buddhas’ Wisdom – Buddhas’ Halo – Buddhas’ Power:  transform misconception in holding to self and holding to dharmas in ignorance. Quick to be free of the wheel of births and deaths. Quick to have Great Enlightenment, Great Complete Realization, Completely Full like all Buddhas.

Buddhas’ Path: abstruse and incapable of thinking and commenting, equal in all places, all theories all practices, with all beings in the Three Realms in all life forms, all Dhatu and all kinds of satva already having Buddha Nature.

Buddhas’ Dharmas illustrate Loving-Kindness, Compassion and Wisdom, and are the lighthouse shining and showing the way for the three-fold world that is lost in the ocean of ignorance, life and death, because of being encoded by crystal blocks of greed and desire for pleasure.

At the Place of Buddhas’ Examining and Seeing: shines and leads the way for all satvas in the Three Realms:  Self (Ego), Forms (Doing), Karmavarana (Ignorance), Discrimination are all due to Unreal Causes and Conditions that Appear and Disappear, Disappear and then Appear, No Beginning – No Ending (Infinity-Endlessness-No Present). Because of being Illusory, there is No Beginning – No Ending.

The Three Realms: The Karma Nature of Satvas is impermanent, constantly changing, like dreams, like illusion… (Existent: but not really Existent; Non-existent: but not really Non-existent)

At the Place of Buddhas’ Examining and Seeing: regards satvas in the Three Realms as living in a burning house; perseveringly compassionate for satvas constantly living in Ignorance, believing in and using discrimination, falsely holding to Self (Ego), tying the Truth in false deceptive reasons, clinging in the thirst for fame and profits, not awaken to escape the endless illusory ocean of birth and death.

Bhuddas’ Path uses Prajnà to illuminate the Citta to Completely Realize: Satvas are naturally Non-Ego, and All Dharmas’ Nature is Nothingness. That is the Truth all Buddhas of the Three Existences and Ten Directions Truly Expound without falsity. So, Self-Nature is Buddha-Nature – affliction is Bodhi – Birth and Death are Nirvàna.

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