PART – I –

Consider Atma-gràha (There is Self) and Holding to Dharmas (There are external dharmas) as Two Great Disasters, as the Suffering Effect drowning deep in the Three Realms, in The Hell of Birth and Death that is constant, stupefying and misleading; creating clouds of Illusory Perception covering Enlightenment Nature Illumination No-Ego.

Sentient beings, satvas in the three evil ways and six directions of reincarnation are originally No-Ego

Dharmas are originally Nothingness

That is the Truth. All Tathàgata, All Buddhas have constantly preached the Truth. Therefore, satvas of the Three Realms must wonderfully take refuge in The Truth, take refuge in The Great Compassion, Force of Vows and Ethics external force of all Buddhas that save – hold, to transform, release, exterminate Atma-gràha. Great Enlightenment of the Theory of Illusion bounding and potentially staying in the Citta. The Ego Place – Learning Place – Practice Place – Attainment Place are all causes and conditions, so they are No-Self-Nature, No-Birth. Immediate Englightement that “Cause – Dharmas are two No-Ego” so Unbound and Independent at the place of Birth and Death without hindrance to practice the Road of Bodhi Compassion Perseverance at the place of The Great Acts Samantabhadra.

The Citta has completely realized All Dharmas: No Ego – No Form – No Vow – No Practice – No Cetàna (or No-Arising Thought) – No Attainment Place – No Discrimination, there is only Bodhicitta Staying at the place of No-Abiding but in accordance with Conditions transform and preach.

All Dharmas are naturally Causes and Conditions, In Accordance With Conditions wonderfully use True Words, Mudrà, Mandala: At the Place of Secret Great Compassion Citta already matches All Tathàgata. The Citta With No-Abiding Place because the Citta already integrates into Dhàrmas, Dharmas are No Self-Nature so Dharmas integrate into the Citta, the Citta integrates into Dharmas – Dharmas integrate into the Citta, though two but not different, though different but not two, contain and get through each other without discrimination. Express with illumination, spread everywhere, praise the Esoteric Dharma, The Dharma of Three Mystic Things of Buddha greatly benefits the Three Realms soon leave and escape birth and death, quickly having Great Enlightenment of The True Citta with Great Loving Kindness – Great Compassion – Great Joy – Great Equanimity. In accordance with Conditions immovable Bodhi. Immovable Bodhi, in accordance with Conditions transform perceptions and save, transform perceptions and save the Citta is still based on Nature at the place of Bodhi.

All Buddhas forever having affection and commiseration for satvas widely preach All Dharmas, widely give all means of Prajnà-pàramita and True Words, Mudrà, Mandala skilfully: Widely save the Three Realms leaving birth and death to come to the land of Great Enlightenment.

The two fundamental paths of Buddhism is Gradual Enlightenment (slowly enlightened) and Immediate Enlightenment (direct Enlightenment immediate complete Realization)

No individuality – No division – No explanation; The knowing of Buddha Dhàrmas Saddharma Buddha Citta Right-mindfulness:

Inevitable: at the place of Cause and Condition, widely apply and transform without being stuck in Cause and Effect

Inevitable: Displaying No Ego – No Form – No Vow – No Practice – No Discrimination – No Abiding Place – No Attainment Place – Incapable of Thinking or Commenting – Impossible to Preach

Inevitable: Vows and Actions match The Great Compassion Vows of all Buddhas.

Inevitable: Theory-Jnàna – Compassion-Jnàna that are true and that are not formed from arguments based on speculative deduction. Due to Place-Abhinivesa, Holding-Abhinivesa, Two Opposite Extremes, due to mistakenly considering the discrimination of the Eyes that see, the Ears that hear, the Nose that smells, the Tongue that tastes, the Body that touches, the Mind that discriminates, those sensing faculties cannot have The Place of Realization.

The Wonderful Theory of The Twelve nidànas before Buddha preached, after Buddha manifested Nirvàna; when satvas have not heard of it, they think they have not been enlightened, after satvas hear of it, they think they are enlightened. Immovable: no difference, no change. Complete Realization Great Enlightenment of Buddha Examining and Seeing:






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