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Mandala has many names translated by many different translators, but the meaning is not different.

For example, Old translation is Mandala, also called Bodhi mandala, New translation is Samsàra-Perfection Fully-Complete. If talking about the nature of Mandala, using the seeds of Sanskrit letters or mandala or Bodhi mandala  as the center , and about the meaning, using end-meaning called Samsàra-Perfection Fully-Complete or Conducting-Practicing, karma production as the main point.

At the place of Vairocana Sùtra as the commands, in Vairocana sùtra, Vajrapani asked Buddha, what is called Mandala?

Buddha taught: Because at the place of the nature of Mandala is the Immovable Absolute-Truth, Sentient Beings have already had Original Nature No Birth, if there are enough conditions to sow Bodhi Citta into that place, will arise to become  Buddha so called (MANDALA). Doctrine Mandala is ultimate end, the supreme Indestructible Vajra. So called Mandala.


In a the broad sense, it is the body of Sentient beings, Insentient beings, four kinds of sentient beings, all kinds of  satva, galaxies, milky-ways, universes, tens of thousands of  Dharmas in the Ten directions of dharmadhàtu, are forms, Mandala is based on the six elements  to emerge. And the secret meaning shows visible forms, excellent forms of all Buddhas, Vidyà-ràja, Bodhisatvas expressed by statues, images, sculptures, paintings. . .


In a broad sense, it is the expression of all phenomena together with all artha -artha things-things in the universe that we see and know together with the everyday tools of Satvas. In other words, it is the unique  characteristics of each  dharma: Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Mountains, Rivers, Trees, Grass … And the Esoteric meaning that is incapable of thinking or commenting shows Implements used in worship, Dharma Instruments of Buddhas, Vidyà-ràja, Bodhisatvas held in the hand to show their Vows and Actions such as Lotus, Five-pronged Vajra,  Three-pronged Vajra, One-pronged Vajra, Flag, Pearl Beads, The Nectar Bottle, Precious Sutra Chest . . .  expressing the Original Vows of helping Satvas of all Buddhas, the honored ones, Bodhisatvas, MahaBodhisatvas.


In a broad sense, it is all sounds, languages, speech, forms, mountains and rivers, stars, names of things in the universe; and the Esoteric meaning that is  Incapable of Thinking or Commenting refers to the Seeds of  True-Word, Sanskrit letters, Mandala, Mudrà of  Buddhas, Vidyà-ràja, Bodhisatvas. Seeds are the Darani Alphabet. The Seeds of Sanskrit letters mean the Esoteric Citta of Buddhas, Vidyà-ràja, Bodhisatvas. So Satvas should be careful and respectful. And the letters linked into True-Word are the Esoteric Actions of Buddhas, Lokajyestha, Bodhisatvas. Together with sentences, letters, meaning, in the sùtras. Must pray to follow A GURU ACÀRYA to learn to understand and practice exactly as Dharma, will achieve “The Body is to become Buddha”. (MUST NOT ACT ARBITRARILY)


That means all the movement doing all karmas or in other words Producing the Three Satvas’ Karma.  In a broad sense, it refers to all the movements of Satvas and all things in the Creation-Production to survive. And the ESOTERIC meaning that  is Incapable of Thinking or Commenting  shows the noble bearing, actions to produce karma-power of all Buddhas, The Honored Ones, Bodhisatvas, The Holy Multitude that help Satvas.

In the Four Seeds of MandalaMandala has four different things or five different things “. Vajra-Uṣṇīsa-Sùtra, MahàVairocana-Buddha  said: “Four types of Mandala, Square Mandala, Round Mandala, Triangular Mandala, Crescent Mandala (that means half of the moon), and the fifth is formless lotus Mandala  (transparency).

Square Mandala combines  with the Earth-Element-Seed (- A), Round Mandala combines with Water-Element-Seed ( – Vāṃ), Triangular Mandala combines with Fire-Element-Seed ( – Laṃ), Crescent Mandala combines with Wind-Element-Seed ( – Haṃ), Formless Lotus Mandala is The Mahàyàna Parinirvàna, that means formless Dharmakaya MahaMandala.

For the sake of great cause and condition at the place of the three realms, MahàVairocana-Buddha expounded Doctrine Mandala: for good men and believing women to conduct and practice the three mystic things already matching, right at the place of this physical body can achieve Great Buddha’s affairs that Body is to become Buddha.


Absolutely based on: the Vairocana Sùtra, Vajra Usnisa Sùtra, Original Maha Sutrà-Pitaka.

Esoteric Dharma Vajrapani Lineage

Vajrapani group – “Sun” generation

Translator: Nhat Loan