Part 02

Take the Vairocana Sutrà as the commands
Take the Bodhi Citta as the Cause
Take the Great Compassion as the Foundation
Take the Praj as the Lighthouse
Take the Three Mystic Things as the Means of Full Complete Upaya
Bodhi Actions and Vows _Wisdom-Vows-Actions

Esoteric teaching is the teaching words that are incapable of thinking or commenting and is represented by script, Sanskrit letters, the Dharani language; that all Buddhas Tathàgata of the Ten Directions preach at the Dharma-Congress Bodhi-Mandala without time, space; that Amogha-Siddi, namely Sàkyamuni, received, transferred and kept its marks in the Saha World.

Organized systematically into 3 Great Sutras. They are:

: Vairocana Sùtra

: Original Maha Sùtra

: Vajra-Usnĩsa-Sùtra

The means to instruct the satvas in the Saha World by each layer over each period.

_ The first period by each layer is called Exoteric Teaching:

Apply by the three Canons: Sùtra – Vinaya – Abhidharma Sàstra

Guide to awaken the True Citta to Respond, Use, Practice, See Through and Achieve Anutpattikà-Dharma Ksànti. It means completely enlightened pure Alaya-Vijnàna, the Eighth Consciousness, changes into Amala Vijnàna, the Ninth Consciousness, perfectly completed the Six Pàramita Bodhisatva’s Way, Bodhisatva’s Actions.

_The later period is perfectly complete immediate Enlightenment of The True Citta.

Through the 3 Great Sutràs:

Vairocana Sùtra

Original Maha Sùtra (Esoteric Canon)

Vajra-Usnĩsa-Sùtra Yoga Great Doctrine King Sùtra





Use The Three Mystic Things to be the Cause

Apply The Six Element MANDALA

Practice the Great Compassion Vows and Actions

The Four Immeasurable Cittas

Esoteric Doctrine lays down as a policy using the Six Elements Substance-Nature-Nothingness as the truth of the artha-artha things-things universe;

The Six Elements are Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Space and Consciousness.

The Six Elements contain each other, gather each other, integrate into each other, go through each other, in accordance with conditions are born so Permanent-Birth ; the dharma things that are existent, have limitation, have boundary are Birth-Place Dharma.

In the Six Elements, the first five Elements belong to Object Substance (Physics). The Consciousness Element belongs to Citta Substance (Spirit). These Six Elements always harmonize contain go through each other, not preventing and hindering the Nature Of Nothingness and Existence Form. Collect gather harmonize with each other, be the Cause and Condition for each other to create numberless Dharmas that link and weave together and make a circulation system of Cause and Condition, Cause and Effect.

The Six Elements Dharma Substance Form go through both Exoteric and Esoteric. If based on the place of true nothingness Prajnà-Pàramita, the Six Elements without obstacle of Esoteric mutually correlate with, contain, go through Exoteric without hindrance. Exoteric-Esoteric complete combination is like the light and the lamp. Though two but not two, though one but not one, together contain and get through each other without discrimination. The Self Substance of the Six Elements contain and get through each other is called Dharma Nature (Dharmatà), and the Six Elements are also the Virtue of tens of thousands of dharmas, so also called Dharma Nature. Buddha’s Body is formed by Six Elements, satvas’ body is also formed by the transformation of the Six Elements. The Self nature of the Six Elements is independence, equality so the Six-Element Body of all Buddhas and the Six-Element Body of satvas contain and get through without obstacle, so are in the same Land of Dharmadhatu-Substance-Nature.

At the place of all Buddhas Complete Enlightenment at the place of Original Enlightenment, the Transformation Body borrows the body to enter the world, called “Borrow Ego, enter Ego, take Ego to enter No-Ego” that is also the secret meaning of  Self-External Six Elements Completely Going Through Without Obstacle.

The Five Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Emptiness together with Consciousness Element are called “Enter Ego, Ego-Enter, Integrate into No Ego”. So sentient beings, insentient beings are the same in Unique Buddha Nature (Samatà) (Sentient and Insentient beings are the same in Perfect Buddha-Wisdom). But because from without beginning till now (no beginning point) due to false affection  discrimination that cause separation, at the place of Six Elements that contain and get through each other equality appear false holding to difference, Arise Holding, Ego Seeing, Self-Love, Place of Holding so create numberless karmas, get the suffering effect.

The Six Elements include three aspects

  • Substance Element is the essence (in general) of the universe
  • Form Element is the discrepancy form of artha-artha things-things and four kinds of satvas
  • Function Element is the effect of language, sound, use of material of all existences

So, the Six Elements contain and get through each other, collect and gather; in Substance fully has Form and Function; in Function fully has Substance and Form. Substance, Form and Function do not leave each other. Although three but no difference, all together contain and get through each other without hindrance.

The Universe of Human Life has thousands of forms and tens of thousands of states, also contain and get through each other Without any Obstacle, appears everywhere in the Ten Directions of the Dharmadhatu. Also called Theory Nature or Bhùtatathatà Dharmadhatu. Theory Nature or Bhùtatathatà means Buddha Nature – or Nirvarà, is full in all kinds of satvas.

Satvas want the Substance to re-enter the essence of Absolute-Truth Dharma Nature, must all the time pray earnestly to meet an Enlightened Teacher GURU ACÀRYA of the community, focus citta focus vows conduct practice Three Mystic Things, base consistently on doctrines “The Six- Elements”, “Three Mystic Things”. Transform the awareness and open up the true Dharmas, practice and maintain the four Wisdom Mudra and four Mandala, back to the Bhùtatathatà Own Nature.


Absolutely based on: the Vairocana Sùtra, Original Maha Sutrà, Vajra-Usnisa-Sutra
Esoteric Dharma Vajrapani Lineage
Vajrapani group – “Sun” generation
Nhat Van translate