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Esoteric Sect is the deep and profound teaching through Sanskrit Language. Sanskrit script is the language of the Pure land Worlds, at the place of Buddha’s lands. Because of deep commiseration and compassion for the Saha world, Mahavairocana Buddha, transformed his body, manifested himself as Sakyamuni, enlightened and expounded the True Dharma for satvas to be enlightened to and integrate into the True Nature Eternity – Bliss – Personality – Purity at the place of their own Citta

In the preliminary teaching period, he taught in Indian language, about ethics, society and the human life, leading to the spiritual philosophy of human beings and all levels of meditation – including Upper, Middle and Lower. Through all the Levels of quiet mind and purification of consciousness, overcoming their own ego and reaching the true nothingness.

Buddha enlightened the transitional step which is Sanskrit script Dharani language; the first time in Akanistha heaven, also known as Heaven of Mahezvara. He taught 42 Sanskrit Dharani letters. A Sanskrit Dharani letter of the words of the ten directions of Buddhas, each letter contains immeasurable words and meanings of the Saha world. Again because of the love of unconditional compassion, Sakyamuni widely spoke and taught the Sanskrit script Dharani language.

The way of Buddha has proved, that in the Tang Dynasty of China, Chen Xuanzang was sent to the Western Regions for learning and studying Sanskrit script over thirteen years, took another four years to copy it into Chinese language, brought it home and was supported by the King to develop the Sutra translation movement, which developed Mahayana Buddhism and extended over many continents until now.


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