Practice Bodhisatva’s way, Bodhisatva’s manner, get support from the cultivation of all Buddhas and all The Honoured Ones without time and space practice Actions and Vows to help satvas in the Citta of unconditional Loving-kindness, unconditional Compassion, unconditional Joy, unconditional Equanimity. Absolute nature is at the place of Original Nature.

The Great Buddha’s UṢṆĪSA Surangama is the pure light illuminating and wrapping all beings, all satvas, sentient beings, insentient beings that equally get external power from the true words and Dharani mudras to destroy all karma, all transformation of birth and death, back to original True Nature.

The sound of Sanskrit Dharani words all Buddhas preach is like the light of the sun disc, together with the generous Great Compassion Citta dispels all unenlightenment for all species, all citta to be developed. Dharani is the inconceivable words, language, sound, capability that are incapable of thinking or commenting. Spread widely over the ten directions of dhatu.

As all sentient beings and satvas have full Tathàgatagarbha and three full Dharmakayas but are sinking in the wheel of Births and Deaths, All Buddhas concentrate citta on everywhere in the boundless dharmadhatu transforming body to help satvas to be back to the supreme nature.

The Great Bodhisatvas, Bodhisatvas, sentient beings that want to enter the Actions and Vows of all Buddhas’ and all The Honoured Ones’ must study Prajna Paramitta, practice Prajna Paramitta, profoundly understand Prajna Paramitta, to get close to and be the relatives of all Buddhas. In order to be consistent with the three mystic things of all Buddhas, all the Honoured Ones transform body is to do Buddha’s work.

All Buddhas enter the Great Samadhi Buddha’s UṢṆĪSA Surangama using the ability of supernatural powers to give to satvas, all the worlds of beings. As satvas have the same samadhi as all Buddhas but due to unenlightenment become satvas. All Buddhas enter samadhi to take satvas back to the true samadhi.

The Buddhas in the ten directions enter the Dharani treasure using Actions, Vows, and Power to help satvas and if we want to fully complete the vows as all Buddhas, we also use Actions, Vows and Power to support satvas, make Wisdom appear to make Buddha’s land ornate.

We apply, use and practice the Five Buddha’s Wisdoms creating five kulayas:

_ Buddha Kulaya: The home of All Tathàgata, All Buddhas in the ten directions, correlating with Dharmadhàtu Nature Wisdom.

_ Padma Kulaya: All Great Bodhisatvas, Bodhisatvas, correlating with wisdom conduction actions.

_ Vajra Kulaya: All Great Vidyarajas, All Vajradharas, correlating with the actions of destroying karma to open and clear compassion and Wisdom.

_ Ratna Kulaya: All Devakayas, thirty-three Indra Heavens, correlating with the actions of making offerings.

_ Karmadana Kulaya: All Deities, using super natural power to perform the deeds of the body and mouth, correlating to the action of producing karma.

In the eternal oneness equality in the three Vajra karmas

_ Vajra Body

_ Vajra Mouth

_ Vajra Citta

Occurring Vajra Wisdom, Wisdom seeing and knowing as in reality three times all things, sentient beings, insentient beings, all the worlds of beings all are indestructible Vajra.


Esoteric Dharma VajraPani Lineage

Vajra-son group- Sun generation

Nhat Van translate