I heard like this:

At one time, Buddha Entered the Right-Meditation named Great Light Treasure of Ubiquitous Supernatural Power. That treasure is the place that keeps brilliantly the solemnity of all Buddhas, and also the Nature-of- Enlightenment-Wisdom which is very transparent and pure of all kinds of beings. Buddha Entered this Right-Meditation, so his Body and Mind were very quiet, identical with the ubiquitous universe nature, which means to be consistent with Non-Duality. This Non-Duality represents Pure world where Buddha and Ten Thousand Mahàsatvas with the leaders such as Manjusri Bodhisatva, Samantabhadra Bodhisatva, Universal Vision Bodhisatva, Vajragarbha Bodhisatva, Maitreya Bodhisatva, Pure Wisdom Bodhisatva, Power and Virtue Unhindered Bodhisatva, Voice of Discernment Bodhisatva, Purifier of All Karmic Hindrances Bodhisatva, Universal Enlightenment Bodhisatva, Perfect Enlightenment Bodhisatva and Most Excellent of Worthies Bodhisatva; these Bodhisatvas and their entourage, entered the  Right-Meditation, so they joined the Equal-Dharma-Congress of Buddha.


 At that time, Pure Wisdom Bodhisatva was among The mass, from his seat stood up, then worshiped with his forehead as high as Buddha’s feet, according to the right  side of Buddha, walked around Buddha three times, kneeled straight, joined his hands and said:

Buddha with great compassion, YOU taught us, widely, about everything beyond the reach of Thinking and Discussion that previously we did not hear of or see. Now we are thanks to Buddha’s smart Teaching – Example that the Body and Citta-Mind are relaxed, get great benefits. I would like to ask you respectfully to teach The Mass, as regards the Complete Enlightenment of Dharmaràja, how is the difference in the practice of kinds of Satvas, Bodhisatvas, and Buddhas? Buddha’s teaching will make people in the final period, to Complete Enlightenment, can follow, be awakened to, and enter sequentially.

After saying that, Pure Wisdom Bodhisatva put his five body parts on the ground to worship Buddha. Bodhisatva made that request three times in that posture respectfully, after each time of request he started over again.

Then, Buddha taught Pure Wisdom Bodhisatva:

Very well, Good Son, for other Bodhisatvas, and subsequent generations, you ask Tathàgata about Different Hierarchy in the Practice of Complete Enlightenment. You should listen carefully, Tathagàta will expound.

Pure Wisdom Bodhisatva felt glad and together with The mass listened quietly.

Buddha taught:

Good Son, Complete Enlightenment Nature is not Seed-Natures, but any Seed-Nature has Complete Enlightenment, so depending on the Seed-Natures that arise that there is difference, but in fact there is no holding of realization-enlightenment at all. Because in Complete Enlightenment, Bodhisatvas and Satvas are not true; Bodhisatvas and Satvas are all Illusion: When Illusion terminates no one is the person who holds Realization-Enlightenment, like the eyes cannot see the eye itself. So Complete Enlightenment Nature is No Difference, no difference is not created by anyone. But Satvas are in confusion and aberration, cannot completely destroy Illusion, and in the stage when termination is not complete but is in progress, during the practice process, difference is automatically revealed. Until being consistent with Tathàgata’s ceased Complete Enlightenment, there is no longer cessation, no ceasing person.

Good Son, from Without Beginning until now, Satvas  have illusion about Self-Ego and crave for Ego, are never self-aware to know that Self-Ego is only the state of consecutive arising and termination in each shortest unit of time, so  arise the Side of Hatred and the Side of Love, cling to  the joy of the five desires. If can meet Good Master and Friend who teach Transparent-Bright Complete Enlightenment Nature, discover the nature of the arising and termination, then can instantly  fully understand that this life itself creates  the thought of tiredness, and desire to destroy that thought of tiredness by the knowing of Transparent-Bright Complete Enlightenment Nature. But this knowing itself is a hindrance to them, so they can’t be independent of Complete Enlightenment. It’s common people’s adaptation to Complete Enlightenment

Good Son, Bodhisatvas know that the above knowing is hindrance, though terminating the hindrance of the above knowing, but still stand from their own Knowing, so the Knowing of knowing this hindrance again becomes hindrance and have not been Independent yet. It’s the adaptation to Complete Enlightenment of Bodhisatvas who have not reached Dasabhùmi (Ten Stages).

Good Son,  any Knowing is also hindrance, so Bodhisatvas  usually Know but do not cling to The Knowing, then The Knowing and The  person knowing  are quiet at the same time, like a person who cuts his head off himself. When the head is cut off, the person cutting off the head also no longer exists: use the Knowing of hindrance itself to terminate hindrance, after hindrance is terminated, the Knowing of the termination of hindrance is also nothing. Knowing Sùtra-Dharma is also just like the finger pointing to the moon, look at the moon and know that the finger is never the moon; know that all languages Tathàgata taught Bodhisatvas are the same. It’s the adaptation to Complete Enlightenment of Bodhisatvas who have reached the Ten Stages.

Good Son, Knowing thoroughly about all hindrances: Mindfulness and False thoughts  are all Liberation,  Completion and Quitting are all Nirvana, Enlightenment-Wisdom  and Ignorance are all Prajnà, Bodhisatva Achievement and Tìrthya Achievement  are all Bodhi, Absolute-Truth  and Ignorance are all Original Nature,  Precept-Meditation-Wisdom and Sexuality-Anger-Ignorance  are all Noble Action,  Satvas and Buddha Land  are all Dharma-Nature, Hell  and Devaloka  are all Pure Land, With Seed-Nature  and Without Seed-Nature  all become Buddha, all Distress Ultimate-end is Liberation: The Sea of Enlightenment-Wisdom illuminates the concepts of mutual opposition all like Space. It’s Tathagàta’s adaptation to Complete Enlightenment.

Good Son, Bodhisatvas and people in the final period, if there is anyone who does not ever emerge False thoughts, to False thought also does not terminate it, live in False Scenes Without Discrimination, also does not say that No Discrimination is True, then when this person listens to this Complete Enlightenment Dharma-Talk he will trust, explain, accept, remember, without astonishment or fear, and that is Adaptation to Complete Enlightenment. Good Son, you should know this person has made  offerings to Hundreds of tens of thousands of Numberless  Buddhas and Mahàsatvas, sowed and planted the roots of merit and virtue, and Tathagàta call this person the person that Achieves Enlightenment-Wisdom Knowing all kinds of  Seeds.

Buddha would like to repeat the expounded meaning so he said the following words:

Pure Wisdom,
Should know Original Nature
Wholly Complete Enlightenment-Wisdom
Without the Holding of Realization-Enlightenment,
Without Bodhisatvas
Without Satvas;
Because of being in the process of Realization-Enlightenment
Or having Achieved Realization-Enlightenment,
so there are Different Levels.
Common people are hindered
by The knowing;
Bodhisatvas in lower levels
have not  left the Knowing;
Ten-Stage Bodhisatvas
Forever cease,
No longer cling to
All the above Knowing;
Tathàgata with Great-Enlightenment
have complete adaptation.
Anyone in Subsequent generations
Citta is without False Thoughts,
Tathàgata declare
People like this
in the present is already
A Bodhisatva,
in the past made offerings to
numberless Buddhas,
And have
All good qualities.
In short,
the above styles
are all called
Adaptation to Complete Enlightenment./.


Esoteric Dharma Vajrapani Lineage
Vajrapani group – “Sun” generation
Translator: Nhat Loan