History records that the Buddhism appeared in India,which has been the huge class distinction in society . At that time, India included three official classes : Upper Class, Middle Class and Lower Class. In the comparision between Upper Class and Lower Class, for those who belong to the Lower Class were entirely dispossessed of human rights. Especially, there also were inequality to Indian women at this time.

Sakyamuni – as Vairocana, metamorphosed into the reality and limitation of sentient beings’ world (Sattva). Sakyamuni has lightened the truthful torch, spread the light of truth and extended  more widely to China, japan, Korea, Tibet,  Sri lanka, Mongolia, Myanmar, Vietnam.,

During forty-five years of propagation of faith, Dharma was eternal and invariable. There were not any increases or decreases throughout time and space. These were called: Eternity, Bliss, Personality, Purity which always be available in each sentient being (Sattva) in the three sets of commandments. Due to the ties of misleading mind in the thought of Personality: Eating, Sleeping, Enjoyment and Power, sentient beings (Sattva) have forgotten their nature : Eternity, Bliss, Personality, Purity – called Nirvàna in self-mind. With the unlimited love, Lokajyestha metamorphosed and preached (Dharma-desanà) according to sentient beings’ conditionings (Pratyaya) and fundamental abilities. Sentient beings sublimate in their mind hierarchically, as well remove their obstinacy on the concept of real ego and real dharma in order to achieve the absolute enlightenment about the conditional appearance of dharma, the conditional disappearance of dharma and without appearance and disappearance of truthful dharma.

Esoteric Dharma VajraPani Lineage
VajraPani Group – Sun Generation
Hoang Dung’s translation



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