Good Son, what is Ignorance? It is the Aberration which has existed since without beginning of all kinds of beings. Aberration seems like a Person with Misconception; it will cause the positions of Four Directions to be changed. Therefore, there is misconception that the Combination of  Four Elements is Self-Body, misconception that the Perception of the Six Objects of senses is Self-Mind, the same as diseased eyes seeing the space full of Blur Spots, or seeing the Moon have the second Moon on it. But the space actually has no Blur Spots, it appears due to the misconception of diseased people: due to this misconception, there is not only the Misconception of the Truth of space, but also the Misconception of the Exact Origin of Blur Spots in the space. And thus, there is the wheel of Births-and-Deaths, existing without reality, so it is named Ignorance.



What is Ignorance? That is The Aberration, is deflection from the truth, is Craziness. It means that Ignorance means not to truly see current, existent, limited, bordered matters. The World is illusory, is not real, is only the illusory combination of causes and conditions that satvas predestine to be true.

That is the Aberration from Without beginning, because of misperception leads to the unlimited rolling of conditionality of all physical and psychical phenomena until now, so misconceive that untruth is truth, truth is untruth, crazy erroneous thinking, overturning the directions East, West, South, North altering the positions of all, so obscure Complete Enlightenment Nature.

Misunderstanding the Combination of Four Elements (Earth-Water-Wind-Fire) as self-body, but without one of them cannot be called the body.

Knowing the Four Elements are also from “Nothingness” but illusorily exists, illusion is real, so the Four Elements are also not real. Then accepting the Four Elements, The Six Faculties of Senses, The Six Objects of Senses, The Six Consciousnesses are real. When The Six Faculties of Senses combine with The Six Objects of Senses creating Six Consciousnesses, accept or not accept them as the Citta, and then discriminate _ hold to existence _ hold to inexistence _ hold to ego _ hold to dharmas, conditionally interact  with scenes and the objects of senses, mistake the Shadow for the Image, like Blur Spots in space, like the Moon under Water …all are the  craziness in the sea of Complete Enlightenment Citta, the same as the diseased eyes seeing the Space having  Blur Spots, or seeing the Moon having the second Moon lying on it. Because of self-misperception of dharmas from causes and conditions, asserting truth and untruth, asserting existence and non-existence, therefore there is the Wheel of Births-and-Deaths which unreally exist, so named Ignorance.

Esoteric Dharma Vajrapani Lineage

Vajrapani group – “Sun” generation

Explanation: Nhat Mai

Translator: Nhat Loan