Sanskrit Dharani words are the Citta of Great Compassion Actions and Vows of all Buddhas of the three existences and ten directions. The power of Dharani is impossible to think about or to express by any word, releasing and solving the three poisons: greed, anger, stupidity for sentient beings and satvas to fully complete the Three Virtues back to Own Nature.

All Buddhas enter the Great Samadhi Surangama where own nature is clean and purity with all of the Compassion Citta to think of transforming the perception of satvas to rescue them. Release all resentment and knots of hatred, release sensation ties, all  sickness, physical sicknesses, citta sicknesses, wisdom sicknesses, danger sicknesses for all sentient beings, insentient beings, all the beings in the world, Sravaka, Pratyeka-Buddha and Bodhisatvas from the first stage to the tenth stages; through the means of true words, mudras and pulpit Mandala, fully complete the Dharmakaya.

All Buddhas truly certify the Body of the Dharmadhatu so we belongs to Buddha’s body. All Buddhas often vows to use  doctrines to transform the perception of satvas to save them, assist and protect power for satvas to get a lot of usefulness,  quickly have enlightenment of Supreme Samyaksambuddha.  Therefore, we make up the mind to act following to the vows of all Buddhas, use wisdom to expose all the vows to prove the true form of wisdom of Prajna-paramita, formless, no realization place.

All sentient beings and insentient beings have the same Buddha nature as all Buddhas’s, because the dharma nature is the true nature of all dharmas, the equal nature of the citta of satvas.

   At the place of Buddha nature are included: the greatness in substance, the greatness of the potentialities, the greatness of its functions and operations.

_ The greatness in substance: is all the dharmas that are eternal true equality without increase and decrease. Atmakatva is eternal consistent oneness.

_ The greatness of the potentialities: is the form of the Tathagata Womb with full numberless differences and numberless merit and virtue nature. Pratice the vows full completed.

_ The greatness of its functions and operations: can produce all the good and evil causes and effects of the world and the spiritual world. Enter the block of the permanent formless dharmakaya. In the citta, scene, form, equal in oneness.

All Buddhas enter the Great Meditation Samadhi The Great Buddha’s Uṣṇīsa Surangama use memory Smṛti and wisdom as characteristics to transform the perception of satvas to help them by hierarchical layer:

        All Buddhas preach the No Ego Dharma

Great Bodhisatvas, Bodhisatvas preach the Prajna Dharma

All Sravakas preach the Four Noble Truths

All Pratyeka-Buddhas preach the Twelve Nidanas

All Devakayas speak the Ten Good Virtues

By the hierarchical layer of sublimating the citta real certify the Five Wisdoms of Buddhas.

_  The great perfect mirror wisdom: the wisdom of seeing and knowing as real the ten directions of Dharmadhatu.

_ The Samatajnana: the wisdom of knowing all sentient beings, insentient beings, the world of satvas are equal to Buddhas of the ten directions without any difference.

_ The wisdom of profound Insight; the wisdom of observing, seeing and knowing from the micro dust to the ten directions of the dharmadhatu.

_ The wisdom of perfecting the double work of self-welfare and the welfare of others: the wisdom of producing karma of arising thoughts that has been completely achieved.

_The wisdom of the embodied nature of the dharmadhatu: the wisdom of seeing and knowing as real in the three times entering the block of formless Mahavairocana-Buddha.

All Buddhas of The three existences and the ten directions are at the place of Sanskrit Dharani words to become The Samyak-Sambodhi, leaving the Three Mystic Things for satvas to practice and follow to be back to Own Nature. But everything is transferred back to the equal eternal true entity with no-possible-seize.

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