Sakyamuni Buddha, or Mahàvairocana, from the Magnificent Royal Palace; over 2560 years ago, in Samadhi, Buddha contemplated the Three Realms and  saw that all satvas have the same Buddha Nature as Buddhas, so why are they  suffering. Buddha was willing to enter the reality-place of satvas to find out the cause of suffering, and discovered that “Life” is just the unreal combination of the Four Elements (Earth, Water, Wind, Fire) and the Twelve Nidànas.

 Similarly, like after the Big Bang explosion that created the Universe – Time – Space. Through the complicated progression, from the True Nothingness Internal Atom, the Universe is expanding, and Electrons, Protons, Neutrons, atoms, stars, Galaxies are successively formed. So, the vast universe tapestry was woven. The Universe contains hundreds of billions of Galaxies, each Galaxy contains billions of stars, in the border area of some Galaxies, the Sun and humans appeared. Humans have the ability to know and marvel at the beauty and harmony of the Universe.

In fact, those Entities do not have True-Self

Therefore, by contemplating the Twelve Nidànas in two directions: Samsàra and Return to Nirvàna;  Buddha explained the correlations between the Cause and Effect excluded the impact of 12  Links, each  Link is not only Dharma to be the Cause (Arising Cause) but also Dharma to be produced by Causal Conditions. If the preaching-illumination of Cause and Effect, Deliverance and, Samsàra, then the Twelve Nidànas show that contemplation in the normal direction will lead to Samsàra; contemplation in the reverse direction will lead to Deliverance; Follow the direction of Returning to Nirvàna, the direction of the termination of the Beginning and Rise of the World of Samsàra-Sufferings and lead to Enlightenment-Liberation.

Buddha orients the path of Leaving Birth and Death as follow:

Starting from the Termination of Ignorance, the source of Craving, due to Leaving Craving terminating Ignorance completely, so Actions  terminate; Actions terminate so Consciousness  terminates; Consciousness terminates so Name-Form terminate; Name-Form terminate so the Six Spheres of  faculties  terminate; the Six Spheres of faculties terminate so Touch  terminates; Touch terminates so Feeling terminates; Feeling terminates so Craving terminates; Craving terminates so the Grasping terminates; the Grasping terminates so Existence terminates;  Existence terminates so Birth  terminates; Birth terminates so Old Age, Death, Sorrow, Sadness, Distress, Grief, Trouble terminate. So, all the Suffering Skandhas terminate completely.

Following the direction of Returning to Nirvàna, Craving is the most important link in the Twelve Nidànas, together with the Universe in accordance with the Atomic Conservation Laws.

The  link before Craving arises due to past  Conditions ; therefore, we cannot  Influence or Terminate it, from  the Craving  link, we can choose: either to continue to let Craving combine with  Grasping and  Existence to continue to move in the  cycle of Births and Deaths, or to be resolute to Cease Craving, Grasping, Existence for the  Links of  the Twelve Nidànas of the World of Births and Deaths  to terminate to reach  Liberation and Enlightenment.


May you be brave and resolute to break the twelve Nidànas, achieve Liberation and Enlightenment to Practice the Compassionate-Persevering Bodhi Path by the means of Three Mystic Things Dharani Words.

ÒṂ: Represents all Dharmas past – present – future, all are from the illusory combination of Cause and Condition without self-nature, so No-Self-Nature No-Birth, completely back to the True Nature Nothingness No Birth No Death. So the seed OM is Dharmakaya.

ÀḤ: Represented by sound, languages, preach the True Dharma like real, true Perception, true Practice, Realize the True Dharma at the place of internal Self Citta, is called Buddha Mouth

HÙṂ: Represented at the internal place truly realize, completely enlightened that tens of thousands of Dharmas are No-Birth No-Death so completely back to the indestructible True Citta; permanently illuminate the true light to all the places of Ignorance delusion for the Dharmadhàtu satvas to transform Body-Word-Citta by hierarchical layer in order to be completely back to the True Nature, so is called Buddha Citta.

VAJRA: represents all Dharmas: 04 Elements, 05 Skandhas, 06 senses faculties, 06 senses objects, 06 Vijnàna, create all Dharmas.  All are Equal at the place of True Nothingness. They are all No-Self-Nature so No-Birth. Completely back to the True-Nature Nothingness, so is called Indestructible Diamond.

GURU: represents the Acàrya Master who comprehends and achieves the Three Sutras, Exoteric- Esoteric complete combination, pure Self-Citta is the representative of Buddha-Dharma-Buddhist Monks.

PADMA: for the original meaning, it represents the pure independent lotus in the mud, for the symbolic meaning, it is the whole block of transparent crystal that reflects and gathers all the ten directions. Complete combination transparence without stain.

SIDDHI: represents the efforts to conduct the True Dharma completely successfully. Completely full Without beginning, Without ending, Without present, completely full Nirvàna.

HÙṂ: represents the whole block of crystal three periods: time, space, no space-time, all are equal transparent crystal.

BHRÙṂ: Completely full of All Virtues.

In the 13 sounds:


Contain the meaning of the12 Sets of Buddha Sutrà, perfectly solve the operation of sufferings, birth-death, sadness, 84,000 trouble of the world of the 12 Links of the Nidànas. The 13th sound is the secret favor of All Buddhas, use the means to rescue satvas from the 12 links of the Nidànas that imprison satvas in the cycle of births and deaths.

Ignorance causes Action, Action causes Consciousness, Consciousness causes Name and Form, Name and Form cause Six Spheres of sense-organs, Six Spheres of sense-organs cause Touch, Touch causes Feeling, Feeling causes Craving, Craving causes Grasping, Grasping causes Birth, Old age Death. These 12 Links are the machine of cycles of births and deaths that make the cycle of births and deaths continue.

Therefore, maintaining and chanting the 13 Sounds makes the 12 Links of Nidànas purified, completely free from all the Impurity of Karmas, – Liberation from the Cycle of Births and Deaths, Leaving Birth and Putting an End to Death.


Esoteric Dharma VajraPani Lineage

Guru Acàrya

with Vajrapani group – “Sun” generation

Nhat Van translate