I heard like this:

At one time, Buddha Entered the Right-Meditation named Great Light Treasure of Ubiquitous Supernatural Power. That treasure is the place that keeps brilliantly the solemnity of all Buddhas, and also the Nature-of-Enlightenment-Wisdom which is very transparent and pure of all kinds of satvas. Buddha Entered this Right-Meditation, so his Body and Mind were very quiet, identical with the ubiquitous universe nature, which means to be consistent with Non-Duality. This Non-Duality represents Pure world where Buddha and Ten Thousand Mahàsatvas with the leaders such as Manjusri Bodhisatva, Samantabhadra Bodhisatva, Universal Vision Bodhisatva, Vajragarbha Bodhisatva, Maitreya Bodhisatva, Pure Wisdom Bodhisatva, Power and Virtue Unhindered Bodhisatva, Voice of Discernment Bodhisatva, Purifier of All Karmic Hindrances Bodhisatva, Universal Enlightenment Bodhisatva, Perfect Enlightenment Bodhisatva and Most Excellent of Worthies Bodhisatva; these Bodhisatvas and their entourage, entered the Right-Meditation, so they joined the Equal-Dharma-Congress of Buddha.



 The Introduction of the Sùtra also illuminates the title “Complete Enlightenment”

As usual according to the word “Complete” means wholly complete; “Enlightenment” means Tathàgata; i.e. not based on the faculty of consciousness, i.e.  Enlightenment about the True Nature is wholly complete. In other words, has been enlightened about the Perception, has awakened to True Dharmas. True Dharmas show us three times Past, Future and Present.

Enlightenment in a time, that indicates the place without space and time. It’s often one of the three times Past, Present or Future but when mentioning a time it means no times ie. Infinite Time.

Beyond space-time, is no longer limited by the faculty of consciousness will see the incapability of thinking or commenting of Complete Enlightenment Nature. Complete Enlightenment Nature is naturally transparent and pure of all kinds of satvas. Where Original Nature is absolute nature, completely full, just because of misperception of the six senses faculties combined with the six senses objects, creating six consciousnesses, using it as the Alambana Citta combined with the internal or external Dharmas in discrimination and clinging to ego, so it obscures Complete Enlightenment Nature which is naturally available.

Complete Enlightenment Nature is naturally purity, tranquility, No-Cause Dharmasùnyatà, so to achieve Complete Enlightenment have to leave falsity, leave self ego to together  join and feel the  Equal-Dharma-Congress of Buddha.

Buddha entered the Right-Meditation means entering the Formless Permanent Dharmakaya and complete combination around the Ten directions without limit. At that time the Body and Mind-Citta have been identical with the seeing and knowing as truth, which means the true form of all Dharmas is without form, so consistent with Non-Duality. This Non-Duality represents the pure world where there is no longer any thinking, back to the pure eternal perpetual self-nature, can see between Lokajyestha and sentient beings and satvas there is no difference, the same in Enlightenment-Wisdom-Nature which is naturally very transparent and pure i.e. Complete Enlightenment Nature.

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