(PART – 04)


Good son, such Ignorance Does Not Truly Exist, exactly like characters in Dreams, in Dreams things are seen to Exist, but when Awake know that they are Nothingness — Here Nothingness is like when Blur Spots disappear in the Space, we can’t say that Space has the Position of Disappearance, because Space has No Position of Birth. In such No-Birth No Disappearance, all kinds of beings mistakenly see that there are Appearance-Disappearance, so it is called the wheel of births-and-deaths; and all Tathàgatas’ preliminary basic actions are to observe Complete Enlightenment: Knowing that it is Blur Spots in the Space is to know that The wheel of Births-and-Deaths are Nothingness — , the Body and the Mind that suffer that  wheel of births-and-deaths are also Nothingness — Nothingness, it does not mean that things must be made to disappear to become Nothingness, but in reality  Nature is Nothingness. When knowing that things are Blur spots in the space, that Knowledge is also Nothingness; knowing that that knowledge is also Nothingness is also a shade of Blur Spots in the space; and yet it can’t be said that we Do Not Know Anything: when both existence and non-existence are denied, it can be said that it is Suitable for Pure Wisdom. Pure Wisdom is because the nature is like Space, Permanently Immovable, which means Tathàgata-garbha Is Without Birth and  Disappearance, Without the Seeing and Knowing that reflect Birth and Disappearance, but is The Universe Nature which is Absolute, Complete and  Ubiquitous.

That is Tathàgata’s Preliminary Basic Actions. Bodhisatvas base on that fundamental to arise Pure Bodhicitta in Mahàyàna. And people in the final period base on that foundation to conduct, will Not Fall into Wrong Knowledge.



Due to deflecting from Complete Enlightenment Nature, so called Ignorance. Because in Original Enlightenment Nature is without Ignorance. Only due to falsely accepting the Faculties of Senses, the Objects of the Senses, Consciousness, Skandhas as the Citta, Citta discriminates, holds to Own Ego, has erroneous Perception, so there is appearance & disappearance, the wheel of births-and-deaths illusorily called Ignorance. Ignorance is like Dream scenes, when still dreaming there are dreaming scenes, when wakening there is no dream. So Ignorance is non-entity, only unreal, false, illusory, false name.

Unreal in Complete Enlightenment Nature, not that Ignorance phenomenon does not exist.

As Dharmas existence and inexistence are due to the illusory combination of causes and conditions to be illusory existence _ illusory-inexistence. When illusory-existence they are only like Blur Spots in Space. When illusory-nothing, not the “empty” of existence and inexistence, but “Nothing” here means Pure Self-Nature, seeing and knowing as truth all three times Past, Present and Future, but not deep lost in thought, hold to, or stop at or dwell on any Dharma.

Because their True Nature is always Transparent, like The Vacuum Inside Atoms so all are Complete Enlightenment.


Esoteric Dharma Vajrapani Lineage

Vajrapani group – “Sun” generation

Explanation: Nhat Mai

Translator: Nhat Loan