The Great Buddha’s Uṣṇīsa Surangama shakes violently the ten directions of Dharmadhàtu natural station , the voice of Dharani covers the Dharmadhàtu without limit, space and time, aims at right samadhi to arise wisdom.

The Great Buddha’s Uṣṇīsa Surangama, The Buddhas show us to know the self-nature-of-seeing that appear at everywhere and three times of the past, the present and the future.

The eyes see form to arise the touching, include the internal touching and external touching. The internal touching is the inside impression, the external touching is everything to be seen, the discrimination perception arises like or dislike. But in reality the True Nature is:

The seeing is no self-nature

The visual organ is no self-nature

The thing to be seen is no self-nature

The perceiving is also no self-nature

 Because the dharmas are appeared by causal conditions therefore they are no self-nature, no born.

The seeing like this is the seeing which is pure and transparent and complete combination without obstacle, independent, appears the eternal true nature without being appeared and disappeared.

Bodhisatva from the fifth stage and above learn the esoteric sects and methods Dharani, because the fifth stage of Bodhisatva is Abhimukhi, achieve completely full  wisdom, and hold the equality Nature with Purity and Impurity.

The Buddhas spread out the haloes to the ten directions of dharmadhàtu and preach the Dharani voice of The Great Buddha’s Uṣṇīsa Surangama. The wonderful voice of the preaching of the Buddha makes the Bodhisatvas from Buddha’s lands to gather together to hear the Buddha’s preaching and follow the hierarchical layer of the citta to be developed, solemn and pure of Bodhimandala.

The eighth stage of Bodhisatva’s citta is inactive at active place, inactive at inactive place.

At the Sentient beings to see the two No Ego to meditate perception.

At the Bodhisatvas that practice the five universal vows of the Buddha to be the meditation of citta.

The Buddhas are Absolute Nature at the active_inactive samadhi of the ten directions of Buddha.

Using the citta without effort to be absolute nature the same as the sun, full amount of virtue, all the sentient beings both good and evil are beneficial. If not using citta without effort how come to have the equality to transform around.

The Sadhumati at the non discriminatory wisdom to get completely full spiritual power the Great Compassion, the Great Wisdom to preach dharma everywhere, also consider the satvas  who should be saved and the satva who should not be saved to save all misteriously.

The Dharmamega using the Great Wisdom is the superior Wisdom of the Buddhas to deduct osmotically micro-moha, preach dharma to all dharmadhàtu equally, to bring much usefulness around the world of sentient beings in infinite micro oneness in the Great Meditation Samadhi.

The Great Buddha’s Uṣṇīsa Surangama has full principles, artha, use, practice, completely full permanent dharmakaya without form, the form is without form as such and such, the form of the ten directions of the Buddhas are without form, without form appear the form of the ten directions of the Buddhas. Completely full the Buddha-stage of attainment, merit and virtue is completelly full, full moon, entrance to the dharmadhàtu nature wisdom. Completely full without obstacle, independent, no barrier with countless Buddha realms, Buddha’s lands.

Esoteric Dharma VajraPani Lineage
Vajra Pani group – “Sun” Generation : Nhat Nu

Translator: Nhat Van