All the Buddhas of the ten directions and three existences base on the Great Samadhi of the Surangama to become SamyakSambodhi.

The Great Samadhi of the Surangama is not paryavasthana, not avarana, doesn’t enter, doesn’t leave, use straight Citta to do the Bodhi’s road.

All satvas have the Buddha-Nature but become satva because of unenlightened thought. Initially, at the eternal perpetual Buddha-Nature, is eternal peace and illumination; But because have the faculty of senses, the surroundings therefore have The discriminative Perception. Without staying at the faculty of senses and the surroundings therefore The Perception is not discriminative, the thought does not appear. The Perception does not stay anywhere, the Perception is the same as the Citta.

The Samsara is appeared without beginning because all satvas are false to get The alambana Citta to be own nature.

  • The organ of five senses: eye, ear, nose, tongue and body

Combine with

  • The environment of the five gunas: form, sound, smell, taste, touch.

To create: the faculty of the eye, the ear, the nose, the tongue, the body.

The faculty of the eye combines with the quality of form to create eye-perception.

The faculty of the ear combines with the quality of sound to create ear-perception.

The faculty of the nose combines with the quality of smell to create nose-perception.

The faculty of the tongue combines with the quality of taste to create tongue-perception.

The faculty of the body combines with the quality of touch to create body-perception.

The faculty of five senses is discriminative to create The Perception.  The lucid Perception entity is reappeared from the faculty of five senses which is purity.  Precisely because we use the Ego of the Perception to follow the illusive samsara then we don’t realize straightly that the Perception is the same as the true Citta, therefore we must suffer from all of the misery constraints from Countlesskalpa until now.

The Sùtra of The Great Buddha’s Uṣṇīsa Surangama, The Buddhas show and teach us the faculty of six senses is the origin of the samsara, but the faculty of six senses are also used wonderfully to liberation and enlightenment.  Therefore the Perception-Citta is the same as the Eternal True entity.

As we always listen that the Buddhas teach us to go against the stream of the Surangama or wash the bottle three times in the sutra of the Surangama.

Going against everything that this world supposes to be right, we can escape the Samsara and become an Arhat.

The Bodhisattvas from first stages to seventh stages perform the six pramitas, perform but don’t perform; do not see Own ego, human’s ego, Satva, the recipient. See all the dharmas are causally appeared by conditions, so they are no self-nature and no born.

The Acalabhumi perform their vows without holding and abandoning all the dharmas. Because the true form of the dharmas is no form, therefore don’t holding and abandoning all the dharmas. The true form of the dharmas is to have form, the form which is the same as the nothingness-Dharmadhatu, enter the true form of Nothingness –Samadhi.

Seeing like this is to see the Dharmas as evam. Called The Great Buddha’s Uṣṇīsa Surangama, return to the True Citta which is no limit, infinity, purity, tranquility, immutable constancy at the Eternity, Bliss, Personality and Purity.

Esoteric Dharma VajraPani Lineage
Vajra Pani group – “Sun” Generation : Nhat Nu

Translator: Hoang Dung