At the place of Garbhàdhàtu– the subject of space and time the great vivikta Nirvana, all Buddhas produce the Great Buddha’s Uṣṇīsa Surangama to transform and release Ego-Infatuation_Self-Love_Self-Pride_Self-Seeing for all satvas in three times, liberating them from The Four Evil obstructions that cause transmigration in the three evil ways and six directions of reincarnation.

We need to do right mindfulness with the whole mind and heart, look into and practice doing the karma power of all Buddhas and all The Honoured Ones at the place of no-abiding, without obstacles to transform the perception of satvas to save them, wonderfully apply Jnàna to save sentient beings to help them be back to the place of Amoha Buddha Wisdom fully completed absolute nature called Sarvajna (Perfect Knowledge of Wisdom).

At the place of satva: to hold to the concept of the ego, discrimination, slander, interaction.

At the place of Buddha Nature: Loving kindness, Compassion, Joy, Equanimity.

At the place of Bhùtatathatà: no form, no vow, no practice, no Cetàna.

The Citta with absolute immovable nature is the manifest Samadhi, eloquence without obstacle, expounds the true Principles the true Wisdom.

The dhàtu of all Buddhas integrate into the dhàtu of satva; use Compassion, Wisdom, Meditation, Bravery to save all satvas at the place of Bodhi without preaching any words, impermanence to take sentient beings to liberation and enlightenment, display and realize the Supreme and Perfect Enlightenment.

We get supports from all Buddhas, all the Great Bodhisatvas to save satvas in Wisdom-Compasion-Samadhi. Pratice deeply the Prajnà-Paramitta arise Wisdom; Rescue all satvas arise Compassion; Be consistent in Actions and Vows arise Samadhi. The internal Citta completely absorbs Bodhi Vows and Actions, the external Citta appears the Absolute Dharma-Nature. Because all activities and the practice of actions and vows of Bodhisatvas are the wonderful mystic of Formless Permanent Dharmakaya

At the place of Buddha examining and seeing: knowing the Citta is nothingness, no limit, no abiding, eternal peace, seeing the Nature is no birth, seeing: Bodhisatvas have constant birth and death of their mind, satvas have constant birth and death of their physical bodies, all dharmas have birth and death as transformation and transfer. For transforming the perception of satvas and saving them in order to make Alamkaraka Virtuous, penetrate thoroughly the Prajnà-Pàramita Wisdom, Theory of Dharmas, Samskaras of Dharmas, Results of Dharmas, fully complete the Three Virtues of Bodhi, Liberation Virtue_Prajnà Virtue_Dharmakaya Virtue in the Citta_Scene_Form unification quietness eternity peace constant reflection.

The Bodhi Citta covers all the ten directions of dharmadhàtu never ever stops and stays at a dharma in the ten directions and never ever leaves the dharmas in the ten directions.

All Buddhas enter the Great Samadhi of the Surangama, at the place of Constant Seeing of True Nature use the abilities to bring satvas to the supreme purpose, bringing benefits to all sentient beings eternal oneness three equals in the Three Vajra Karmas, revert to the Original Bodhi, fully complete Dharmakaya.


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