All Buddhas enter the Great Meditation Samadhi of the Great Buddha’s Uṣṇīsa Surangama. The great haloes flexibly illuminate all over the ten directions of Dharmadhàtu without limit, transform and release all of the obstacles and obstructions in order to help the sentient-insentient beings, all Dhatu and all kinds of satva to have their unenlightenment and delusion terminated.

The Permanent Dharmakaya Without Form gets all of the true forms of dharmas to be Dharmakaya. We perceive the principle of Buddha truth, practice with the Citta without space and time to bring the sentient beings to Liberation, and Enlightenment and deeply Apprehend the Prajna-Paramita or the Buddha Supreme and Perfect Enlightenment.

At the place of True Nature all Buddhas integrate into the Great Buddha’s Uṣṇīsa Surangama extract the true words and esoteric expressions that all Buddhas truly realize for sentient beings to follow to be back to the True Eternity, True Bliss, True Personality, True Purity.

The Amoha Dharmakaya is absolute nature, but the satva because of unenlightenment ignorance that cause holding on to wrong views and discrimination have the Dhatu and all kind of satva in three evil ways and six directions of reincarnation. The satva that want to be back to the Amoha of Buddha need to have motivation and effort to practice well the Great Compassion Citta,  in the aware, bright and undiscriminated Citta.

All Buddhas enter the Great Samadhi Surangama leave and enter without obstacle preach Dharani, pinpoint and transform the perception of the Great Bodhisatvas in all lands and transform the perception of all sentient-insentient beings, all Dhatu and all kinds of satva with the Non-Ego Citta.

At the Great Void covering everywhere from the smallest particles to the Dharmadhàtu. Solving and Releasing the illusion of thoughts, and wrong views of sentient beings, solving and releasing the illusion as dust and sand for Sravaka, solving and releasing the illusion arising from primal ignorance for Bodhisatvas, Great Bodhisatvas. In accordance with the Citta to have Liberation, Great Liberation, Enlightenment, Great Enlightenment.

We are from the eternal Essential beings practice the actions and vows integrated with the means of true words, mudrà and the three mystic things of all Buddhas and all the honoured ones, to seek the Supreme Way above forming Great Wisdom, to transform the perception of living beings below forming Great Compassion.

 All Buddhas preach dharmas as their true nature to open the Compassion and open the mind for all satva, making them aware of Own Citta that is pure and constant, aware that everything happens in the Citta, No Citta. Quickly matching the three mystic things of Buddhas and the Honoured Ones, the body is to become Buddhas in one life.

  • The esoteric Body: Permanent Non Ego Dharmakya
  • The esoteric mouth: to preach the true words Dharini
  • The esoteric Mind: to practice the actions and vows of the Buddhas of the Three Existences and Ten Directions, expounds the true words.

The sound of Dharani, the Esoteric sects and methods of the Buddhas are like the lion’s roar resounding everywhere, spanning numberless and unlimited Buddha lands, making the solemn Bodhimandalas become the precious lotus throne.


Esoteric Dharma VajraPani Lineage

Vajra Pani group – “Sun” Generation : Nhat Nu

Translator: Nhat Van