All Buddhas at the True Nature where there are no words for preaching, because of remembering satvas with deep commiseration and compassion, show the words for preaching as the sound of the Dharani of The Great Buddha’s Uṣṇīsa Surangama that simultaneously resounds all over the ten directions of Dharmadhatu, to benefit the sentient and insentient beings in the three fold world and triyàna.

The sound of the Dharani represents non-birth dharmas but creates all of the dharmas. Because the Dharani is the true language, true words of the Buddhas of the three existences, the past, the present and the future, that have entered the Great Samadhi to preach mantras in order to lead sentient beings to liberty and enlightenment about the True Nature which is constant and unchanged in each sentient being.

Entering the Great Samadhi Surangama of the Buddhas, must use the Non-Ego Citta to be able to enter the Great Meditation Samadhi. Because that is the practice of the Buddha’s acts and affairs to lead all beings to the Great Samadhi like the Buddhas.

The constantly eternity-guiding- form-meditation inactivity, metamorphose and simultaneously appear everywhere all over the Dharmadhatu to do useful things. The wonderful inactivity that is active and wonderful.

In the place of life and death but not changed by the circle of life and death is called the Supreme Nirvana.

In the place of sorrow but not affected by sorrow is called The Supreme Bodhi. Fully complete the stage of attainment of Buddha.

Buddhas preach the true words and the mudrà of the Great Buddha’s Uṣṇīsa Surangama, to destroy all of the hindrance of karma and the un-enlightenment of sentient beings from without beginning, by each layer of citta to be unbound and developed following the hierarchy: from the satva move up to the Devakaya (group of Gods), the Srota-àpanna, the Sakrdàgàmin, the Anàgàmin, the Arhat, the Sravaka, the Pratyeka-Buddha, the Bodhisatva, the Buddha-stage.

Sentient beings must enter the true words and the mudrà and the Three Mystic things of all Buddhas and all the honoured ones for the body to become the Buddha in current life.

The esoteric body: using hands to make the mudrà

The esoteric mouth: reading the true words by mouth

The esoteric mind: the meaning of the true words and the absolute truth

At the place of the Buddhas with all types of forms, with all wonderful sound to preach the actions of true words beyond human conception, is the eternal peaceful dhatu that all Buddhas truly realize. The Dhatu clearly perceives the Atmakatva of all Dharmas which enter and leave to be the same as the Dharmadhatu.

The Buddha’s eternal wisdom is deep and wonderful. From the whole Buddha’s body spreads out the great bright light everywhere in oder to bring benefits to the sarva-satva.

We keep the true words in mind, the three karmas are pure and clean, arise the Great Wisdom, the Citta reveals the Great Compassion to create all actions to benefit ourselves and benefit all sentient beings.

In order to together enter the Great Meditation Samadhi, the Great Buddha’s Uṣṇīsa Surangama is preached by all Buddhas includes five sessions:

  • Session I:        Terminate the ties of sensation in the world to leave birth and death and achieve liberation.
  • Session II:      The Bodhisatva practices the six paramitas, still sees that there are satvas to rescue.
  • Session III:    The Bodhisatva practices Prajna Paramita, does not see own ego, human’s ego, satva, the recipient.
  • Session IV:     The Bodhisatva practices great actions and great vows completely fully.
  • Session V:       Fully complete the stage of attainment of Buddha.

Practicing the Great Compassion, the Great Actions, the Great Vows, in The Four Immeasurables of Citta, preaching the dharmas beyond human conception, deliberately preaching the dharma without words, at the place where there is No Vow, No Action, No Cetàna (not have the thought arise), No Holding Attainment.

Fully complete the stage of attainment of Anuttara-samyak-sambodhi (Supreme and Perfect Enlightenment).


Esoteric Dharma VajraPani Lineage

Vajra Pani group – “Sun” Generation : Nhat Nu

Translator: Nhat Van